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Our Mission...

To advance the security of the nation's critical cyber infrastructures through research, education and outreach.


  • Create improvement in security, preparedness, and resilency of the cyber system.
  • Develop strategies, methods, and tools to prevent, mitigate, and recovery from security incidents.
  • Develop high-quality education for future workforce training.


Congratulations to our CIT and CEIP faculty members, Dr. Keyuan Jiang and Dr. Ricardo Calix, have received a highly competitive research funding from NIH in September, 2014. Our CEIP faculty member, Dr. Michael Tu has received AccessData Computer Examiner Certificate in October, 2014 More News »




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Call for Paper, the 10th International Conference on Digital Forensics, Security, and Law, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. May, 2015. Submission Deadline, Nov. 16, 2014. More Researchs »